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Rahul Prasad

2 minute read

AWS today announced the launch of new APIs for AWS Spot Instances. In a nutshell, these APIs help in starting, stopping and managing a fleet of AWS Spot instances with a single request. This would eliminate the need to write custom code for monitoring market prices and managing bids which was the case until today.

How Does It Compare To The Batchly Way? Here’s what the new Spot API does:-
– The user specifies the number of instances
– She then gives a map of type of instances
– And sets a maximum bid price


AWS will launch and manage the fleet until the user cancels or the specified time set by the user has elapsed.
Read more here:

Coming to Batchly, here’s what it does:-

User uploads his processing logic, selects the source and destination for data and sets an SLA (cost/time)
– Batchly identifies the capacity
– It creates a map of instance types and count
– Bids appropriately (on behalf of the user) for each instance type
– Launches and manages the jobs to completion

At its core, Batchly’s focus is to get the work done and not to maintain the instance prices. The similarities between batchly and the new API is in terms of managing the fleet. Batchly does not have a fixed capacity model during processing and it keeps increasing/decreasing the count based on need of the workload. It also has fine grained support for pricing each type of instances and does not set a maximum bid price for all types.

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