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Paddy Raghavan

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What are Spot Instances?

Spot instances are deeply discounted instances provided by AWS at 80-90% cheaper rates when compared to on-demand instances. Performance wise, spot instances are comparable to on-demand instances. However, spot instances work on demand-supply economics and if outbid the instance would be taken immediately (with a 2 min termination notice)

CMPUTE is a SaaS solution that balances your AWS EC2 workloads over on-demand, spot and reserved instances to achieve up to 85% savings on your EC2 costs.

We get questions around how frequently do we lose spot instances when provisioned through cmpute. The good news is that we are able to retain the spot instances we launch for a long time. We have been running multiple tests across different regions and we have seen instances launched by cmpute running successfully for over 100 days (130 days as of today!) without the instances getting terminated.

How is CMPUTE able to retain Spot Instances?

CMPUTE uses historical data and prediction modeling to identify the right bidding strategies and the right instance types and this varies by time of day, availability zones, AWS region among other things.

But what if AWS still takes away the Spot instance?

CMPUTE has a multi layered defence strategy to ensure that your application uptime is guaranteed.

  • CMPUTE chooses a spot bidding strategy based on historical data and prediction modeling as mentioned above.That’s our first line of defense.
  • It continuously monitors instance availability and proactively swaps instances (to another spot instance or on-demand instance in the same or different AZ) if they have a higher probability of being taken away. That’s our second line of defense.
  • CMPUTE also has the ability to run a small fleet of instances (set during job configuration) as on-demand instances. That’s our third line of defense.
  • These strategies ensure that with cmpute, you could bring the cost efficiencies of spot instances to every layer of your application without worrying about application uptime.

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