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Anjali Panwar

3 minute read

Nomad is a distributed, highly available, data center-aware cluster manager and scheduler that helps deploy applications on any infrastructure, at any scale, on premises or in the cloud. It supports virtualized, containerized, or standalone applications running on all major operating systems, and handles a broad range of workloads. Recently AWS provided aquick start guidewith CloudFormationtemplates to setup the entire stack on AWS. Running the CloudFormation template by following the instructions documentedherecreates multiple AWS Auto scalingGroups.

Paddy Raghavan

5 minute read

We always hear about the same-old boring New Year’s resolutions that we end up breaking very soon. If you are an AWS user, there is an easy way to have (and stick with it) a New Year’s resolution of reducing your AWS costs (by up to 85%). Read on to find how to do it. AWS Enterprise Adoption Image Courtesy: AWS Enterprise Customers (Sample List) Enterprises are adopting AWS at a never-before-seen pace.

Vijay Olety

4 minute read

  “How do we optimally bid for Spot Instances to ensure that it is retained for the duration of the workload?” Simple question, right? Yes. Are you kidding? No, it is the answer that is complex! The more you dig into it, the more you realize how deep the web really is. In this post, I will give you a peek into Spot Instances retention strategies to employ for running your workloads with ease.

Rahul Prasad

3 minute read

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is hosting their 5th annual AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas (Nov 28-Dec 2). The event has been hailed as the mainstay cloud event of the year and is the largest gathering of the AWS community, bringing together thousands of end users, technologists, and AWS partners to celebrate the cloud and its application to businesses – from startups to the enterprise. As a veteran sponsor, Batchly is proudly participating as a Bronze Tier 1 sponsor.

Paddy Raghavan

2 minute read

Enterprises made significant strides towards public cloud adoption in 2015. With new data centers about to be added across the globe by all major cloud providers, 2016 without a doubt is going to be a breakout year for public cloud consumption. Batchly, the solution that fully automates AWS provisioning (including Spot Instances) resulting in up to 90% savings, will be playing its part in helping enterprises make the shift towards public cloud in the most efficient and cost effective manner.