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Vijay Olety

4 minute read is a platform which reduces your AWS EC2 spend across three main areas: Instance Optimization – usage of Spot, Reserved and On-Demand instances Time Optimization – schedule start and stop of instances Performance Optimization – analyse application performance and rightsize instances Time-based Optimization is about the ability to schedule workloads (instances and applications) based on some policies (most relevant for dev/test workloads). Instance Optimization is the automatic usage of Spot Instances at all layers of your application – be it web / app tier or API tier as well as optimal utilization of purchased Reserved Instances across multiple accounts.

Anjali Panwar

3 minute read

Nomad is a distributed, highly available, data center-aware cluster manager and scheduler that helps deploy applications on any infrastructure, at any scale, on premises or in the cloud. It supports virtualized, containerized, or standalone applications running on all major operating systems, and handles a broad range of workloads. Recently AWS provided aquick start guidewith CloudFormationtemplates to setup the entire stack on AWS. Running the CloudFormation template by following the instructions documentedherecreates multiple AWS Auto scalingGroups.

Paddy Raghavan

2 minute read

Batchly is a solution that balances your application on AWS across On-demand, RI and Spot instances to bring in up to 85% savings on your AWS costs without impacting your application uptime. Batchly started off (2 years back) with managing batch workloads on AWS but has since evolved to offer whole lot more in terms of value. The name has had many of our customers (running production web applications) on our platform curious and sometimes confused.

Paddy Raghavan

2 minute read

What are Spot Instances? Spot instances are deeply discounted instances provided by AWS at 80-90% cheaper rates when compared to on-demand instances. Performance wise, spot instances are comparable to on-demand instances. However, spot instances work on demand-supply economics and if outbid the instance would be taken immediately (with a 2 min termination notice) CMPUTE is a SaaS solution that balances your AWS EC2 workloads over on-demand, spot and reserved instances to achieve up to 85% savings on your EC2 costs.

Paddy Raghavan

5 minute read

We always hear about the same-old boring New Year’s resolutions that we end up breaking very soon. If you are an AWS user, there is an easy way to have (and stick with it) a New Year’s resolution of reducing your AWS costs (by up to 85%). Read on to find how to do it. AWS Enterprise Adoption Image Courtesy: AWS Enterprise Customers (Sample List) Enterprises are adopting AWS at a never-before-seen pace.