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Paddy Raghavan

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Batchly is a solution that balances your application on AWS across On-demand, RI and Spot instances to bring in up to 85% savings on your AWS costs without impacting your application uptime. Batchly started off (2 years back) with managing batch workloads on AWS but has since evolved to offer whole lot more in terms of value.

The name has had many of our customers (running production web applications) on our platform curious and sometimes confused. Batchly is not about batch but provides a unified platform that dynamically orchestrates and manages applications and their compute requirements across web apps, CI /CD environment, containers, analytics and batch workloads.

We felt it is time to give ourselves a makeover and truly reflect who we are and the value we provide. Hence, the change of name to

batchly is now cmpute signifies our core value proposition of being a dynamic compute management platform on AWS. It encompasses all types of applications (web, analytics, batch and everything that has a compute component) that our platform can support. Additionally, cmp also means cloud management platform – which is what we are with a focus around cost optimisation. The name clearly specifies what we stand for (compute management) and we believe it also provides a positive association for our users.

Get started with cmpute – the only solution to offer an app driven single unified platform for AWS compute management, with a focus on cost optimisation.

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