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Paddy Raghavan

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Enterprises made significant strides towards public cloud adoption in 2015. With new data centers about to be added across the globe by all major cloud providers, 2016 without a doubt is going to be a breakout year for public cloud consumption.

Batchly, the solution that fully automates AWS provisioning (including Spot Instances) resulting in up to 90% savings, will be playing its part in helping enterprises make the shift towards public cloud in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

I have listed below some of the areas where Batchly is going to get better in 2016.

API – We already have a robust API layer (with industry standard HMAC key signing methodology) that provides the ability for enterprises to call Batchly from within a customers workflow and not needing to come to the Batchly web console. We will continue to strengthen our API layer.

Dashboard – The Batchly Dashboard is well appreciated by customers

Batchly Dashboard

We are not going to be satisfied with the compliments. In the next few weeks, we will be upgrading our dashboard to provide deeper insights into your costs and savings in an even better fashion.

Pre-built processors – Batchly, today provides an industry vetted and production ready FFmpeg processor as part of its system. With this, any customer with a transcoding requirement can seamlessly start using Batchly with little to no on-boarding effort. We will soon be adding more such pre-built processors for different use cases in the coming months. Getting started with Batchly will only get easier.

3rd party Integrations – Batchly has support for data sources like S3, SQS, RDS and on-premise databases. We will be expanding the input / output support to additional services so that Enterprises will have more choices going forward and will have very little friction to start using Batchly.

These are only a limited set of features that I have highlighted. There will be many more developments that are going to happen with Batchly in 2016. If you are using AWS and looking to reduce your AWS costs significantly (by even 9 times), Batchly would be the first (and possibly the only) place to go. Do watch this space for regular updates.

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